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This section will show all the cryptocurrencies we support (103 different currencies) 

From this section, you can add any cryptocurrency you like to be tracked in the Assets/Tracking. You can do that by clicking the “+” on the right side of the currency
You can track up to 5 different cryptocurrencies at the same time 


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🖥️🖥️🖥️ Assets/Tracking
This section will show the current tracked crypto currencies
You can track up to 5 different crypto currencies at the same time.

You can remove any crypto currency you do not want to track by clicking the “-” sign on the right side of the currency



rack your favorite crypto currencies prices. Use Xrate if you want: Track crypto currencies prices from any webpage you are browsing Extension version will be shown to the user.

Social Media sharing option (Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Reddit, Line, Telegram, Email, and Texting), so you can share with people who need it

Xrate is an extension/addon

Get real time information about your favorite Crypto Currencies.

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