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A high quality image will set as the New Tab background image. This image might be one of the default ones provided by the extension or a one that is set by youOn the left side, is the setting sidebar.

On the top right corner is the clock. This will show the time in your local time zone.

Pixy New Tab Main Screen

pixy 1.png

1. Take full control over your web browser New Tab homepage
2. Feel relaxed and at ease by looking at high quality beautiful images
3. Feel motivated by having a daily motivational quote to keep you going
4, Keep tracking of the time by using the clock provided

Pixy is for you


Pixy comes with motivational quotes, customized clock, Google search.

Pixy is an extension/addon to customize your web browser New Tab homepage

Use any 4K image as background wallpaper

Text to Speech, Screen Shader, Reading Ruler, Dyslexia fonts (OpenDyslexic), ePub Reader View, Dictionary...

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