Accessibility and Productivity Reader for
Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge / Mozilla Firefox

Text to Speech, Screen Shader, Reading Ruler, Dyslexia fonts (OpenDyslexic), ePub Reader View, Dictionary + more productivity tools


"This is an amazing extension ! I really love the ruler feature which could help me be more attentive."

"Wow just stumble upon this app!!! I can really see how this will be extremely helpful for me! (Dyslexic + ADHD)."

"So happy about the new ruler feature! Feeling grateful that the team took my advise so seriously and update the extension speedily. Reading long content finally becomes much easier."

Slow Chou

This is fantastic! Not clunky or slow. Yet, so many options! But it makes it very easy to customize it. Wow. Thank you so much for providing this!

Cindy Bahl


Ray C


How to Use

Shows all the features we provide in Pixie Reader and how to use them

Line Highlight Ruler

For focused reading mode. You can adjust the ruler height, brightness, color and even mode


Font Configurations

Select a font from a large set of fonts that showed to improve readability such as OpenDyslexic for Dyslexia. You can control all aspects of font such size, color, or boldness


Screen Shader

Tint your computer screen by adjusting tint brightness and color to protect your eyes


Other Features

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