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Revolutionizing the web browsing industry with innovative products.

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Oziku Tech


Our apps available in
54 language, Loved by 30,000+ people, in 60+ country

Our Products

Text to Speech, Screen Shader, Reading Ruler, Dyslexia fonts (OpenDyslexic), ePub Reader View, Dictionary + more productivity tools
Pixie: Accessibility & Productivity Reader
AI Writer and Assistant. Support Search Engines/ Emails/ Social Media YouTube Summary and more powered by Open-AI Chat-GPT.
Rio: OpenAI ChatGPT Powered Digital Assistant
Grow sales by collecting leads easily. Extract all emails from any web page. Includes an Auto visit and bulk URLs emails extraction tool.
Leads:  Email Extractor 
Protect your privacy and speed up your browser. With one click, easily delete browsing history, cache, cookies, tracking.
Clean Master Pro
Effortlessly summarize YouTube video transcripts with ChatGPT API and your custom prompts.
SubtifyAI: Summarize Videos Subtitles
PDF Merger: Fast/Easy
PDF Merger
Easily combine multiple PDF files with drag-and-drop organization. Arrange files in any order for seamless fast merging.
Upgrade your reading experience with our ePub extension for your web browser. Install now and start reading within your browser.
ePub Reader
Extensions Manager Pro
Upgrade your browsing with the Extension Manager addon. Easily manage your extensions. Install now and take control.
Quickly get the XPath for any element on a webpage with just one click. Simply select an element and it will display its XPath.
XPath Helper
Count the number of opened tabs in the web browser's current window. Displays tabs count number on the extension/add-on icon.
Tabs Counter: Number of Browser Opened Tabs
Count number of Characters Letters/Words with one-click. Right-
click context menu to count Words, Letters/Characters
Words Counter 
One-click button to open your Web Browser download page. Simple and convenient way to Find your downloaded files quickly.
My Downloads Button
Set Video Quality to the Highest Available Resolution for Streaming Websites such as Youtube, Crunchyroll, VRV, and More.
Bideo: Auto HD/4k/8k for YouTube & More
Mute audio on all tabs except the active one, eliminating distractions and allowing you to focus on the task at hand.
Tab Muter: Mute
Inactive Tabs
One-click counter button for your web browser. Increment or decrement with ease to keep track of anything you want effortlessly.
Counter Button Pro
One-click windows gluing made easy with our extension. Stick your windows together seamlessly.
Tab Glue Pro
Perfect New Tab: Use any 4K image as background wallpaper. Pixy comes with motivational quotes, a custo-mized clock, and Google search.
Pixy: 4K Background Wallpapers
Xrate is an extension/addon to track your favorite crypto currencies prices. Use Xrate if you want.
Xrate: Track Crypto Currency Prices Easily
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